‘Always good for a (weak-ass) beer’

obamabeer2It’s been said that the kind of alcoholic beverage you prefer speaks volumes about your personality. If that’s true, Barack Obama is a weak-ass sellout to European interests.

That explains why he let Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid take the lead on writing the boondoggle stimulus bill. And why Iran views him as a wimp.

But at least he’s willing (or at least he’s saying he’s willing) to have drinks with someone who disagrees with him.

While pushing the stimulus plan in Elkhart, Ind., Monday, Obama signaled he’d be willing to meet with Sean Hannity — who said he wanted to have a beer with the president:

“With respect to Sean Hannity, I didn’t know that he had invited me for a beer,” the president said to laughter from the crowd.

“But I will take that under advisement,” he added in a tone that suggested it may be a long consideration, prompting even more laughter.

“Generally,” Mr. Obama went on, “his opinion of me does not seem to be very high.”

More laughter.

“But I’m always good for a beer.”

That exchange prompted Hannity to offer to buy the beer on Greta Van Susteren’s program Monday night. In fact, the conservative radio and TV host said he’d pay for Obama’s beer and cigarettes for his entire term in exchange for one interview a year (I now have a solid reason to enter politics).

Then, this morning, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said on “Fox & Friends” that he told the president to take the offer. When Steve Ducey asked what kind of beer the president preferred, Gibbs said Hannity should bring along a six-pack of Budweiser. That was even after Ducey suggested selecting a domestic brew.

“Give him a six-pack of Budweiser,” Gibbs said, “and we’ll meet him anywhere he wants to go.”

Here’s the video:

Budweiser? That’s the best the president can do?

First, Budweiser is no longer an American company — Anheuser-Busch was bought out by Belgian-Brazilian company InBev last summer.

Second, Bud is a weak-ass beer. The president may as well drink PBR — or toilet water. I thought Obama and his people were supposed to cool and hip. I guess that’s not the case. I want a president with gravitas — a president who relishes drinking real beer. I want to know the president can hold his own at a D.C. cocktail party and at the local dive bar.

Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air suggested the two drink Sam Adams or Guinness, but there’s some great, lesser-known American brews out there, and here’s a suggestion for the Hannity-Obama beerfest: San Diego’s own Stone Brewery.

Stone was recently placed on the top of the list of “the most popular and highest-rated brewers — ever” by Beer Advocate magazine.

I would suggest the two grab a six-pack of Stone Pale Ale. Though, Ruination IPA might be more fitting with the direction in which Obama is taking the country.

Of course, perfect irony would have the two sip on some Arrogant Bastard Ale, but that might force the president to grow a spine.

At least then the meeting would expose the president to some real beer, and maybe send a message to Congress and the rest of the world that he’s not a Bud-drinking wimp.

And, Sean, Stone brews are available in Washington, D.C. You can pick some up on your way to the White House.


Height of hypocrisy

obamacigoptPresident Obama’s indignant anger at the bonuses doled out for Wall Street executives might mean something if it wasn’t covered in so much horse manure.

Upon hearing that financial bigwigs received $18.4 billion in bonuses for 2008 while the industry was crawling to the government for a bailout, Obama said:

That is the height of irresponsibility. It is shameful, and part of what we’re going to need is for folks on Wall Street who are asking for help to show some restraint and show some discipline and show some sense of responsibility.

There will be time for them to make profits, and there will be time for them to make bonuses. Now is not that time.

Exactly. Now is the time to show some restraint, to show some discipline and to show some responsibility — just like Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democrats in Congress are doing, right?

That’s why the economic “stimulus” package is devoid of pork and program expansions, right? How is it that Obama can issue such a “stern lecture,” as the LA Times called it, when the stimulus bill is the picture of fiscal irresponsibility? How can he call for restraint when the Democrats are blatantly following the advice of new White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.”

But no. We’re looking at a massive influx of federal spending on programs and projects that have nothing to do with jump-starting the economy or creating jobs. This is not exercising restraint — especially when Obama says the government will be running deficits in excess of $1 trillion.

To paraphrase the hypocrite-in-chief, there will be a time to fund special projects, there will be time to expand government programs — now is not that time. Government, like the private sector, must show some restraint, discipline and responsibility.

There’s lists all over of the exorbitant spending in the House and Senate versions of the stimulus bill, but here’s some highlights.

  • $75 million for smoking secession programs
  • $54 billion for programs the Office of Management and Budget and the Government Accounting Office deemed ineffective (there’s a campaign promise out the window)
  • $7 billion to improve federal buildings
  • $200 million for the Defense Department to buy electric cars
  • Another $200 million to build plug-in stations for the cars
  • $3.5 billion for new buildings on college campuses
  • $400 million for HIV and chlamydia testing
  • $45 million to build off-roading trails and their maintenance
  • $81 billion for Medicaid
  • $50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts
  • And, of course, $83 billion in tax “credits” for people who don’t pay taxes

Talk about “height of irresponsibility” and “shameful:”

The American people understand that we’ve got a big hole that we’ve got to dig ourselves out of, but they don’t like the idea that people are digging a bigger hole even as they’re being asked to fill it up.

When it comes to government, the rules are different. Digging a bigger hole for future generations to fill up later is OK. But Citigroup better not buy that airplane, and how dare the heads of the big three auto makers show up in anything but a hybrid car they drove in the carpool lane.

Here’s a video of the president’s statement — try not to get too much self-righteous ooze on yourself.

Anybody got a light?