The new religion of First World urban elites

THE NEW RELIGION OF FIRST WORLD URBAN ELITES • ‘Anthropogenic global warming is little more than a con trick on the public perpetrated by fundamentalist environmentalists and callously adopted by politicians and government officials who love nothing more than an issue that causes public anxiety.’


Evolution of belief

Two polls released on the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin show that despite public education’s best efforts, the majority of Americans still reject Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Now, his original theory and that preached in classrooms today is markedly different, but it’s doubtful the poll respondents differentiated between the two.

Gallup’s poll showed that only 39 percent of American’s buy Darwin’s theory, 25 percent flat-out reject it and 36 percent don’t have an opinion (what?!)

Pew, though, has the rejection of Darwin at 63 percent (though Pew includes those who believe God was behind evolution as those who reject natural selection).

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