Filling the void

rushscreamEvery where you turned last week the media, Democrats and talk radio was talking about one thing: Rush Limbaugh.

It was Rush as the leader of the Republican Party, Rush as the main opposition to Barack Obama, Rush as the ratings booster.

But this week Rush is on vacation — what will the administration, Democrats in Congress, MSNBC and Sean Hannity talk this week? Or are they just going to keep the same story going?

The libs are even running radio ads featuring the “I hope he fails” line (yeah, that’s gonna work).

Hannity replayed the now infamous interview that everyone took out of context on his show Sunday night. Obviously the She-Ra of conservative talk knows he’s only where’s he’s at by piggy-backing on the popularity of He-Man.

They all must have cried last week when Rush announced he was taking this week off. With his 20 million-plus listeners, Rush is good for ratings. The left won’t have a lightening rod to distract from that crap-sandwich (to borrow a term from Michelle Malkin) they call a stimulus package. And the right won’t have the master’s coattails to ride.

So, with Obama enemy No. 1 taking a week off, to where will the focus turn? Let’s just hope the Republicans in the Senate hold strong without their daily dose.


‘Why would I want socialism to succeed?’

The left went bonkers after Sean Hannity interviewed Rush Limbagh on his new, solo Fox News show (which I can hardly stomach, but Rush was on).

The only thing they — and many in the media — took from it was that Rush supposedly said he didn’t want Barack Obama to succeed.

Well, as usual, that’s not what he said. In fact, Rush said that if Obama takes a cue from Ronald Reagan, then he would like him to succeed.

But, Rush said, if Obama follows a leftist agenda, then as a conservative, no, he wouldn’t want Obama to succeed.

Here’s the clip:


Coulter on Rush

Ann Coulter was in Rush Limbaugh’s studio Friday for half an hour, mainly promoting her new book. I’ve been listening to Rush since the Gulf War, and I never remember any time he has had a guest in studio.

There’s some good nuggets in the interview, especially about the media. Coulter’s style can push a lot of buttons, but she usually has a very valid point under her shock and awe tactics.

Here’s video of the interview.