Michael Jackson matters … get over it

It’s understandable that people who only tune into news channels and Web sites for the latest news on politics would complain that the coverage of Michael Jackson’s death would complain that he’s dominating the coverage.

But, hey, get over it.

Jackson’s death, whether you celebrated (as my dad said, “now those kids can live in peace”) or mourned it — it’s news.

NewsBusters has been having a field day criticising all the coverage, but it’s still news. I wasn’t alive when Elvis died, and was only 1 when John Wayne died. But I’m sure both were covered like crazy by the media. Shoot, Elvis’ death is still commemorated every year by the media.

When I was in kindergarten, I distinctly remember my grandpa picking me up from school and then going home and have grilled cheese sandwiches and talking about Ronald Reagan. I also remember my babysitter, Marcy, and her record (yes, record) of Michael Jackson.

Like him or not, Jackson is news. That’s why it’s being covered. And it’s a slow news week.

And frankly, some of us should be thankful for the summer distraction. At least it draws attention away from the infighting between Sarah Palin and former-loser-McCain staffers.

So can everyone in the “conservative” media shut up and realize that news is news? Even if it’s about someone we don’t agree/appreciate with or despise?