From the mouths of babes: 13-year-old calls the crazies, well, crazy

You gotta feel sorry for George W. Bush. He’s in retirement in Dallas, doing is his best to show defference to his inept, naive replacement by staying quiet. But the nuts still follow him around.

Cindy Sheehan (of Crawford Ranch protesting fame) and her cohorts, apparently having forgotten that Bush is no longer our commander in chief, protested outside the 43rd president’s Dallas home yesterday.

“George Bush and his administration are mass murderers,” she told the crowd, using a loudspeaker. “People say, ‘Cindy, get over it.’ Well, there are still two wars raging. I don’t have an option of getting over it. … We have to keep it up so things like this don’t happen again.”

Well, dry your eyes, Cindy. Bush won’t be sending any more children of liberal whackos to die in vain any time soon — but Barack Obama might.

Mixed in with the protest was a 13-year-old, Steven Rasansky, and his friends practicing capitalism — they figured they could make some cash by selling lemonade and cookies to the protesting crowds.

The eighth-grader had the perfect summation of the protesters:

“I think this is crazy.”

Crazy, indeed.



2009-01Harper’s this month has a story titled: “The $10 Trillion Hangover: Paying the Price for Eight Years of Bush.”

Yeah, the federal government’s spending habits are all Bush’s fault. Congress, including Democrats, and the American people don’t need to share in the blame.

I do like the cover art. The hangover analogy is a good one — which was first really used by President Bush.

It’s easy to see that the country was on a binge — from the mid-1990s on. Sure, there was the dot-com bust, but that was a mere hiccup. The country didn’t sober up. Instead, in late 2001 and early 2002, we decided to take a swig of the hair of the dog that bit us.

The question is: will Obama haul us into rehab? It doesn’t look like it, with the promises of $1 trillion deficits. Bloody Marys anyone?